Medical Repatriation

            Alternative Options

Are you unable to fly? Prefer not to fly? We can assist you with alternative transportation including ground, rail and or ferry transport.

This is a nice alternative option for someone who does not wish or is unable to travel by air.

Our medical team of one or more providers based on patient requirements will provide bedside to bedside service and care while traveling by alternative means.

Our repatriation services can be adopted to meet your specific needs on an individual case by case basis.  All requests involve case review by one of our Medical Oversight Physicians and the current treating physician at the sending facility.  We understand accidents and medical emergencies happen without warning and can be a very stressful time for everyone involved.  Our Medical repatriation services aim to provide the highest level of patient comfort and care in your time of need.

To request a repatriation or air medical escort please contact us at 902-476-7059 or

Dedicated Air Ambulance

Our Air Medical Team will transport you on board a dedicated aircraft offering basic and advanced medical care and treatment from bedside to bedside

This option is ideal for someone not well enough to travel on board a commercial aircraft or someone looking for a more efficient option without connecting flights, time spent in airport ticket lines, layovers etc.

Our medical team consists of experienced paramedics and nurses who are able to provide up to date medical care for our patients while working in collaboration with our medical oversight physician. 

Have you or a loved one become injured or ill while traveling and require assistance returning to your home province, state or country?

Do you have a medical procedure you require to travel a long distance for and require or would like medical assistance during transport? 

Contact Homeward Bound Air Medical Transport Inc. today

Commercial Air Medical Escort

Our Air Medical Team will escort you from your bedside to your final destination. Our team will provide medical care and assistance, on board oxygen therapy if required and peace of mind with travel arrangements, and any unforeseen circumstances.

This is a great option for someone not comfortable traveling alone or without medical personnel on a commercial flight due to various reasons such as but not limited to: mobility concerns, oxygen therapy, anxiety etc.